Tyrone Grandison

US Department of Commerce / @tyrgr

Dr. Grandison is currently the Deputy Chief Data Officer at the US Department of Commerce. As a government technology leader, he believes that our focus should be on improving the lives of Americans and creating positive outcomes for all. Formerly, he was a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow (2014-15) working with the US Department of Labor and the US CENSUS Bureau on their data and API (application programming interface) initiatives. Dr. Grandison has over 20 years experience in software engineering, security and privacy.

Enabling Data-Driven Public-Private Collaborations

The U.S. Department of Commerce collects, processes and disseminates data on a range of issues that impact our nation. Having a host of data and ensuring that this data is open and accessible to all are two separate issues. This session will cover the Commerce Data Usability Project (CDUP) - a community-driven public-private partnership to help data scientists, programmers and other users to access open knowledge from our open data.

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