Emily Xie

Recurse Center / @emilyxxie

Emily Xie is on programming sabbatical at the Recurse Center, where she is pursuing algorithmic art and data visualization. Previously, she was a software engineer on the Devtools team at Wayfair, where she worked on various Git-related projects. Emily currently lives in NYC, and enjoys photography, cooking, yoga, and video games.

Dissecting Git's Guts

How does Git work? We’ll use Git’s plumbing commands to dissect the underlying structures that constitute Git and discuss how it is essentially structured as a Merkle DAG.

In doing so, we’ll solidify our conceptual understanding of Git, exploring questions such as: How does Git store our information? What is at the heart of a branch? What is actually happening when you do a Git checkout? Or a reset? Why is data (almost) never lost in Git?

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