Elizabeth K. Joseph

Hewlett Packard Enterprise / @pleia2

Automation and Tools Engineer at HPE working on the OpenStack project Infrastructure.

Building an Open Source Cloud

Over the past several years companies around the world have starting using OpenStack and working with partners to provide internal cloud solutions. However, these solutions leverage proprietary components, from platforms developed in house to manage resources to working with vendors who come in with their own solutions. It doesn't necessarily have to be this way. Over the past year I've worked on two major projects that leveraged the official, open source Puppet modules for OpenStack to produce fully open source OpenStack clouds use for training and in production. The tooling is relatively easy to learn and in both cases the teams developing the clouds it were distributed. I'll be diving into the basics of both these projects, challenges the teams working on them faced and overcame, and how we've been able to work with the OpenStack project directly to improve the deployment story for all users.

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