Cedric Williams



Cedric Williams is a technologist, advocate, and coach. He aspires to nurture products, businesses, and societies that make a difference in people’s lives. He is currently an InnerSource Advocate with PayPal and fostering the InnerSourceCommons.org community.

Transitioning to InnerSource

InnerSource applies the lessons learned from large-scale distributed open source projects to proprietary engineering. Benefits include increased delivery velocity, smoother collaboration between groups, higher-quality development, and documentation that appears without having to resort to threats of removing the soda machine.

Cedric Williams examines the factors that keep software teams from collaborating effectively, explores the model of development used for Apache Software Foundation projects, and talks about ways to bridge the two approaches. You’ll learn practical guidelines and business justifications for building InnerSource practices in your organization, as well as some antipatterns to watch out for.

Experience level: Experience with developing software in larger and/or older organizations, experience with culture change challenges, and willingness to consider change.

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